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Amber Valley Local Plan

Amber Valley Local Plan

On 1st March 2023 Amber Valley BC Full Council will consider a Local Plan Update Report.

Option A would see policies agreed for inclusion in a Pre-Submission Local Plan that would then be consulted on. Any changes to the Plan, including in response to the consultation, would be decided by one Council Officer, following consultation only with the Leader/Deputy Leader, before the Plan is submitted to the Secretary of State.

Option B to wait for any request from Derby City Council regarding helping meet their unmet need seems a non-starter.

In Option A there will be a major housing growth site off The Common in the Green Gap between Crich and Fritchley contrary to the Neighbourhood Plan. In addition Crich Parish is expected to accommodate a further 100 dwellings, as well as contribute to a Borough-wide windfall allowance of 1,224 homes.

Crich is designated as a Key Village, and remarkably Fritchley is also categorised as a Key Village with five or more key services and facilities, although this is not explained.

The Plan proposes housing development will be permitted not only within the Key Villages, but also on any land adjacent to the built framework where it can be demonstrated that its scale and nature would constitute sustainable development.

The importance of the Green Gaps and wider landscape, the lack of infrastructure, and the message that Crich Parish has recently had more than enough new housing to meet local needs does not appear to have been recognised by AVBC.

Parishioners may wish to contact their AVBC Councillor before 1 March 2023 commenting on the housing growth site, the 100 additional dwellings, and the contribution to the Borough windfall allowance. They may also wish to comment on the acceptance in the Local Plan of development outside the built framework adjacent to Key Villages. The classification of Fritchley as a key village could also be challenged. Parishioners may also question why there is no policy in the Local Plan supporting the Neighbourhood Plan as there is such a policy in Local Plans in many areas of the country.

Posted: Wed, 22 Feb 2023 16:34 by Sam Teece

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