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Crich Neighbourhood Plan

Recent postings have asked questions about Crich Neighbourhood Plan:

  • Is the plan still relevant?
  • Does it need updating?
  • Will it stop the quarry being developed?

The plan was completed and approved in September 2018 after many months of hard work and significant costs. The Parish Council submitted it because Amber Valley did not have a Local Plan and it was felt this would go some way to protect the parish from undesirable development.

The plan includes the boundaries for development, the maintenance of green spaces and views that should be protected. It achieved overwhelming support (97%) following a referendum of all parish residents. Its development process followed and complied with detailed legal requirements and therefore it has statutory status.

The NP was a significant achievement for the parish and other local areas have since followed our example. This said we know that 'higher' Local authorities and national government policy will ultimately determine planning outcomes.

The PC believes the NP is still highly relevant and does not need rewriting. Any rewrite would also take many months to draft, and given the necessary statutory processes that would need to follow that, may result in pressure for more not less development. The current adopted NP provides for appropriate development and seeks to protect us from unsustainable and inappropriate schemes. It also will be very useful as a source of information if Amber Rock does submit a planning application.

As individuals we will all be able to respond to any application and the recently established community group R.O.A.R. will play its part in mobilising opposition. It is worth noting that Derbyshire County Council will be the planning authority should Amber Rock make a formal application and you will be able to record any objections direct to them.

Whilst the Parish Council only has a consultative role in planning matters you can be assured we will vigorously represent our community against any planning application that falls outside our NP.

Posted: Mon, 17 May 2021 09:39 by Carolyn Jennings

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