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Amber Rock/Crich Quarry - Water Park development

Council discussed this matter at the meeting of Monday 1st March 2021 (see News Item or Minutes for detail), and again on Monday 12th April 2021.

Residents who have written into Council to express their concerns are thanked. Every e-mail has been responded to, circulated and read - Council has heard and understood.

It remains important to remember, a Planning Application has been yet been made so there are no plans available to review at the moment. You are encouraged to continue to lobby as individuals, and make your feelings known.

As Derbyshire County Council is the Responsible Authority for this plan, it is important that objections and complaints are submitted to them so that they are aware of the depth of public opinion and concern. Please contact:

Shaun Wells - Principal Planning Officer (Consultant) Economy, Transport and Environment

Derbyshire County Council, County Hall, Room N8, Matlock, Derbyshire. DE4 3AG

Direct dial: 01629 539780

Cllr David Taylor - your Derbyshire County Councillor


Tel: 07969 145114

How to contact Derbyshire County Council:

Contact form link:

If objections or concerns about the project are not received by Derbyshire County Council, they will be unaware of the depth of public opinion - please remember the Parish Council is only one consultee. Please encourage others to do likewise and raise awareness of local concern direct with Derbyshire County Council as well.

Posted: Tue, 13 Apr 2021 12:22 by Carolyn Jennings

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