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Dog Fouling - a plea from Crich Parish Council

The Parish Council has been made aware of a number of complaints about dog mess in the streets of our villages and on Crich Recreation Ground. The problem has got worse recently, presumably because of the increase in dog ownership since the first lockdown.

Dog faeces are a health hazard and can cause blindness in young children. Under the Dogs Fouling of Land Act 1996, it is an offence to allow a dog to defecate and not clean it up. This is a plea to dog owners to clean up after their pets.

The Parish Council has reported this problem to the dog wardens at Amber Valley Borough Council as they have jurisdiction to deal with it. They can issue fixed penalty notices on the spot and also on the basis of a witness statement. Anyone can make a complaint by ringing the helpline (01773 841335) or by completing a form on the Amber Valley Borough Council website:

Councillor Margaret Lane

Crich Parish Council Chair

Posted: Tue, 02 Feb 2021 15:50 by Carolyn Jennings

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